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John and Linda


John and I would like to thank you for all your great work. You captured our wedding day beautifully, leaving us with memories we can forever look back on. You made a very stressful situation calming. You were able to capture the love John and I have for each other and show it in the pictures you took. That makes us very happy, knowing the feelings we have for each other inside are visible for others to see. I felt so secure with you taking the photos. You may not realize this but the way you interact with your clients makes us feel like we were your family/close friend. I knew that whatever the situation may be, you would make sure that everything turned out perfect. I knew you wouldn’t take a picture that wasn’t flattering, I knew you’d tell us if we needed to fix our hair, our clothes etc… you didn’t just snap away and not care because you had been paid already. This is a great quality, be proud of the business woman you are! I’d also like to thank you for the great thank you card you sent us, you never cease to amaze us. I truly believe that things happen, or people you meet, for a reason. I believe that you came into our lives to make a beautiful day even better and for that I thank you.

Linda and John

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Allison and Darryl

Hi Kate,

Thank you so much for the photos.  What a treat to receive them!  As we expected, you have done an exceptional job (not that there was any pressure:).   I love your compositions and admire your talent for working with natural light.  The fusion of your technical skills and artistic eye makes for beautiful photos.  Darryl, my parents, Shae and I loved spending the afternoon with you.  We are really pleased with the results and will be recommending you to friends. Thank you again for hard work with these pics.
Wishing you and your family all the best.
Heather Brumpton and Duncan MacDougall
I LOVE our engagement pictures and we have received nothing but complements on them! She was even able to make my fiancé smile for pictures – no small feat. She is creative and has a knack for finding the greatest places for each photo. If we weren’t having our wedding halfway around the world, Kate would definitely be our photographer!
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Gin and Ryan O’Driscoll (My sister)

Thank you forever for the amazing pictures that I will seriously CHERISH always. You took every single picture that I’d envisioned wanting to have and more. We are so lucky. Best gift and most precious one we could ever have received. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. I am so proud of you, Kate. You’re truly talented and what you do with your “eye” brings so much value and sparkle to any event you shoot. We are beyond dazzled by what you did for us. I just can’t say enough about you!

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Laura Sutliff

Thanks so much Kate!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos. Love having such a great picture of my 2 girls 😉 It can be hard to catch that with them being so busy. Great one’s of the whole family as well, and of course our crazy family of 4. I so appreciated you sending the CD here. 

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Stephanie Wouterse and Tyrell Scott said:

“Kate is a very fun loving person as well as extremely professional! She makes getting your photo taken a breeze! I would recommend Kate to anyone needing a photographer. We love her! ”

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 Renée Bielby said:

“Kate is the fabulous photographer who is been at all the milestones in our life. First our Wedding and then our maternity session. She is not only extremely professional and organized but has a sparkling personality that brings out the best in her clients. You leave a session having had fun and trust she is getting some incredible images. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for an incredibly talented photographer.”

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Yusula Choe said:

Kate is an excellent photographer! From the planning stages, her attention to detail and her efforts to achieve what you request of her is amazing! The quality of her work, her unique style give her an edge in the business!

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Kyla and Casey Wilhemsen said:

It was the big day, I didn’t sleep, food tasted like cardboard, my bladder was the size of a golf ball. I was trying to enjoy the moments as they came, but my mind was going over and over the schedule of events for the evening. All I wanted was to see his face and feel the warmth and safety of his arms around me.

Kate and her associate, Todd, arrived with warm smiles and went straight to work without any delay. They floated around my hotel room taking pictures, making conversation and fitting in with my family as if they were their own.

Every bride has that moment where she realizes, “I am getting married!” whether it be the day before, trying on the dress, shock excitement. Kate captured it.

I had been planning this day for 18 months, every little detail, placement, timing. I didn’t have ask Kate to take pictures of truffles, the something blue pinned in my purse, the beaming excitement of the groom, she just knew. Kate has a beautiful gift, she captured every detail, emotion and moment. The photos were taken with care and appreciation, taken from angles my guests were experiencing while capturing their emotions as well.

Kate, you are amazing. You are professional, talented and full of fresh ideas. You took the time before the day to get to know what was important to us and delivered beyond expectation.

I was too excited to take a moment to stop and smell the roses that day, but Kate, you did it for me. Casey and I can enjoy looking at those little details, share in the moments one may have missed and appreciate them for a lifetime to come.

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Tyrell and Stephanie said:

“A cold February weekend turned lifetime memory.

Bearing a snow covered drive from Calgary to Vernon, going to see Kate and Todd turned out to be one of the best weekends I had had in a very long time.

It was about -18 that morning and I don’t remember being cold. There was too much fun to be had to think about cold. Somehow we managed to not look frozen to the bone with our jackets off in the brisk Vernon wind. We took to downtown and with a flow of great and spontaneous ideas, 2 hours seemed like 20 minutes. The end results were astounding. Kate had managed to capture everything that Stephanie and I had hoped for and she did it with personality and professionalism.

It’s not a secret that I do not like photos of myself.  At 24 years of age I can think of two pictures in my lifetime of myself that I can say I like. Kate produced multiple in the matter of an afternoon. I can look back at all those pictures and smile about each one of them. Moments with the person that I love most.

These photos captured a piece of time I want to remember…thanks to Kate and Todd I can.”


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