Wedding: Michelle + Dan, Summerhill Pyramid Winery, Kelowna, BC

This Squamish couple married just up the road from where they first met. Summerhill Pyramid Winery is one of my favourite places to photograph weddings and even though I’ve been there numerous times, each couple makes it a completely different experience for me so in turn, I do what I can to give them something as unique as they are! We had a dramatic day, starting off clear and sunny and gradually the clouds came in to give us a pretty, painted sky and an all around stunning day. With five bridesmaids all in varying shades of pink and taupe, four groomsmen and a grooms boy (the groom’s nephew), four flower […]

Wedding: Rasna + James, Squamish, BC, Sea to Sky Gondola

A mountain top wedding followed a mountain top engagement for Rasna and James feel as though they are on top of the world! As associate photographer, Milena and I entered the hotel room to see Rasna for the first time in all her bridal beauty, our jaws literally fell to the floor – she was completely stunning! I could imagine James collapsing at her feet when he was finally able to see her at the first look! Seriously. And he almost did. The ceremony was beautiful at the top of the Sea to Sky Gondola. Rasna and James walked together across the suspension bridge, holding hands, toward their closest family and […]

Wedding: Ponnie + Dan, Squamish, BC

At the Squamish Valley Campground in Upper Squamish, BC, amongst close family and friends, Ponnie and Dan incorporated her Persian roots into a relaxed and beautiful river side ceremony. Everyone had a special role to play from giving the bride away, the women rubbing sugar cubes together on a veil over the couple, to giving gifts to the bride to entice her to agree to marry the groom… there were SO many amazing elements to this wedding – my favourite is probably the choreographed dance towards the end of the night where they took parts of seven favourite songs and blended them together for pure entertainment! Ponnie and Dan along […]

Wedding: Linda + John, Squamish, BC

Linda and John’s path together has twisted and turned with the tides and they are two of the strongest swimmers I’ve ever met. They first met as young teenagers, Linda vying for John’s attention by mocking his last name. But as their paths after high school lead them in different directions for a time, they eventually found their way to each other again and on their first official date they took a walk and Linda told John that she doesn’t need much to be happy, she takes pleasure in the simple things of life, such as “this small pine cone,” as she bent down and picked it up off the trail. It […]

Wedding: Natalie + Scott in Langley, BC

There is something to be said for “listening to your gut.” For many couples, those darn butterflies start fluttering right away! Sometimes sooner than you want them to especially if you want to play it cool. Natalie and Scott met at a mutual friend’s BBQ and those butterflies got active immediately! How often have we heard the story that “they had so many friends in common but had never met” or “they were in the same place at the same time so many times and had not crossed paths!” So, this next part is quite cute: Natalie was showing her parents, who are both elementary school teachers, her Facebook photos […]

Wedding: Jenna + Riley in Calgary

One of the things I love about attending a wedding reception is the stories told about the bride and groom. Anything that you wanted to keep on the down-low is now fair game. It all comes out – all those good, embarrassing moments have been waiting for an audience who cares so much, that they cry-laugh it’s so good! Well, at least that’s what happened to me because I can just picture it so well, since nearly half the people at this wedding are my family. (My connection to this wedding was a little stronger than most of the ones I shoot.)  Aunty Kathy and Uncle Rob told of one […]

Wedding: Camae +Denny in Lake Country

Kaloya Park in Lake Country was a perfect day for photographing a wedding on 17 May… and by perfect I mean a just overcast sky that I like to dub “soft box lighting” which is very easy to shoot in, the light is so flattering. So, if you’re ever in doubt about not having a lot of sun on your wedding day – just remember that an overcast sky is fabulous for outdoor wedding photos! 😉 Camae and Denny have such an easy-going way about them that being in their presence is a calming experience. Watching them as they looked at each other throughout the day, one couldn’t help but notice as tiny […]

Wedding: Angelina + Kevin in West Kelowna and Peachland

Kevin had been keeping the ring with which he was going to propose, hidden for about a year. During that time, Angelina had found it and said nothing. So when he finally proposed, after carefully picking the time and location in Hawaii, she had her answer VERY ready. It was obviously the “yes” he had been hoping for, but without the reaction he had been anticipating. It was, in a hyphenated word, anti-climactic. Angelina is not the sort of girl to feign anything! Honesty, kindness and patience are just a few of her virtues and the latter of those three is apparently the most important because Kevin is not known […]

Wedding: Stephanie + Tyrell in Calgary at the Art Gallery of Calgary, Reader Rock Gardens and Hotel Le Germain

Stephanie and Tyrell said, “I will forever.” in front of family and friends at the Art Gallery of Calgary. As cartoon artwork looked on, tears of overwhelming happiness spilled from more than just a few sets of eyes and the good humour and fun of both families brought everyone together for a wonderful cocktail reception at Hotel le Germain, where the tasty and artful food never stopped and neither did the laughs! In between ceremony and reception, we travelled in four Mustangs (Stephanie has grown up in the Mustang Club) to Reader Rock Gardens for photos. While the girls showed some leg, Tyrell’s brother found a 4-leaf clover – a […]

Wedding: Gin + Ryan in Vancouver, Seaside and The Quay

This one is pretty close to my heart… the bride is my sister, Gin. She married long-time sweetheart, Ryan, in West Vancouver, BC on a cliff over-looking the ocean. With Ryan’s step-dad, Tim officiating and surrounded by close family and just a few friends (and I’m sure a few of Gin’s favourite squirrels), they celebrated their 14 years of friendship and love, saying more than “I do”, with humour and style. Guests shared their approval signing a Jenga piece, enjoying Savary Island Pie Company and a sparkler send-off after a delicious intimate dinner at Fishworks restaurant in North Vancouver. It warmed my heart to document their day because I couldn’t […]


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