Kelowna Prom 2016

It all goes by so quickly. All of a sudden, they’re ladies and gentlemen and we notice even more silver hairs, worry and laugh lines in our own faces. This beauty I’ve known since before she was born. I babysat her and her older brother and sister. I remember her quiet and sweet smile, her sparkly 3 year old eyes looking up at me. She was literally the perfect child to babysit. I could take her into a gift shop and she kept her hands to herself, or in my hand and I remember how that felt, too. Because we both had dark curly hair, she was often mistaken for […]

Portrait (HS Grad ’12): Danielle

June is proving to be a very uncooperative, rainy month… however, the clouds did break long enough on 8 June for this Grad photo session and for the grads to have their photo ops with their buddies at Polson Park- YAY! Danielle was the epitome of model material in her grad dress, beautiful inside and out- we really didn’t have much time for this part of the day (more of a mini-sesh), but she worked it- and the results speak for themselves! Thank you, Phil at the Bean Scene Coffee House downtown for providing us with the perfect back drop! 

Portrait (couple): Winners of my Tag-line Contest: Veronica + Joel

I needed a good tag-line for the re-branding of my business. This Spring, I held a little contest on facebook where MANY of my friends offered up fantastic ideas and insight into how they perceived my work. I loved it all and I am very grateful for everyone’s input. The winning tag-line, as you know by now, is “it’s the little things” by Joel, wonderful boyfriend to my sister, Gin’s childhood bff, Veronica (or Vern or Ronnie depending on when you first met her). And I really do think he’s wonderful because a) he has “moon eyes” every time he even thinks about Ronnie, (I met her when she was […]

Portrait: “Lucy Luxe”

This project started off with a vintage 1950’s wedding dress I’d picked up about two years ago, just for kicks. It was never going to fit me, it was designed for someone much taller than my 5’3 frame. After my first session with Lucy, who is 6′, I began to think she’d be perfect for what I had in mind. Now what I had in mind had more to do with how I wanted to use light so I left the costume part entirely up to Lucy as she’s incredibly talented and creative with fashion. She designed this piece from 3 vintage dresses, actually. Then we created a story… “Like […]

Portrait (couple): Kerry + Carl

Kerry and Carl invited me to the family farm for this Couples Session, a nice treat and something fun for them to do. Of course we included their keen dog as part of the family, offering up kisses resulting in giggles. Throughout our session, Todd and I chatted them up and learned some very interesting things… one of them being that Kerry is Canada’s top financial blogger! I’ve since become an enamoured reader of Squawkfox, appreciating her brilliant money saving tips for frugal living; from making your very own frappuccino to packing your carry-on suitcase for a two-week trip to Europe, (which not only saves you money but also the […]


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