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Event: Hazel’s 1st Birthday!

              The Barton Family celebrates as their youngest turns one! Hazel is adorable in her custom birthday onesie and tutu (that arrived just in time via Etsy)! It was a beautiful bb-q for family and friends, decorated especially by their very talented foreign exchange student from Peru, complete with a nearly bullet proof piñata! 😉 Thank you so much for having me!

Event: Joshua’s 5th Birthday

              Joshua loves rainbows and art, so for his 5th birthday, that was his party theme! His mom put together a great party complete with oversized blank canvas that soaked up loads of paint, empty picture frames that were filled with smiling faces and “thank you” goodie bags AND buckets! Thank you so much for having me document another great party! Click to view his 4th BDAY party photos.

Event: Ella’s Hobbit Birthday Party

              This “epic” birthday party was awesome fun! Ella distributed the “7 rings of power” amongst her friends, Gandalf lead them all to Rivendell to consult the Elves and decipher the map. They then journeyed to the “Star of Silver” and battled the Orcs to victory before having a “riddle battle” with the loathsome Gollum.

Fun With Film (Personal)

“Film”… the more I look at that word the more foreign and strange it seems to me, and yet, there was a time when it was very much apart of my every day life. It taught me to be thoughtful; I learned to “see” before I pressed the camera’s shutter button. I quickly asked myself, is there anything in this frame that I don’t want in it? Okay- click! I learned patience; no instant gratification here! It takes time to process film, whether I was doing it myself or waiting for the lab. I also learned that film has character – and different types of film can play a character […]

Portrait (life styles): Girls just wanna have fun!

It’s raining? In June?  No matter! These girls will have fun no matter what- especially when they’re together! These three will meet up anywhere, anytime to rekindle their souls and keep the strength of their girlhood friendship from fading. (Sounds like a certain pair of pants that travelled the world doesn’t it?) First things first- celebrate Clara’s arrival from Australia with a bottle of champs and photo sesh! To keep them classy, I offered up my little plastic cups 😉

Event: Joshua’s 4th Birthday- Rainbow Theme

Joshua’s 4th birthday party was immensely colourful in it’s rainbow theme. Mom Yusula spent weeks preparing all the details with husband, Tony. Guests enjoyed various stations; painting, obstacle course, rainbow treasure hunt, beading, delicious lunch and treats!

Portrait (life styles) – Ode to Duchess the Swan, 20 March 2012, Vernon, BC

Duchess was a swan who lived in Vernon, BC’s Polson Park for approximately  20 years. My friend Teresa Deak found great inspiration in her and visited her often. A few weeks ago, Duchess died. Knowing what that meant to Teresa, I suggested that her next fabulous haircut by Jessica Nicole the Studio be a tribute haircut. Jessica is an artist with hair and Teresa her canvas.

Secret Family Recipe: Lemon Meringue Pie

My crust is nothing to brag about, but at least I made one. Mom advised me to follow the recipe on the Tenderflake box, that’s not the secret part of the secret family recipe. It’s in the filling, I’ve left hints in the photos but I’m not gonna outright spill the beans. I don’t know why ALL lemon meringue pies don’t taste like this one- it’s the BEST! Again, not bragging, just stating my over-opinionated opinion which, as far as I’m concerned, in this case, is a fact. My mom made this pie for almost all of our special occasions, especially Thanksgiving. Once she even made it for my “un-birthday” […]

My Movember Man and Smiley Face

It’s about a week into November or “MOvember” as we’re calling it in support of men’s health issues. This is a pretty new trend- hopefully one that will continue- there’s a neat website at www.movember.com with info and registration etc to raise awareness. Unfortunately, the man in my life didn’t start November clean shaven to register (we weren’t aware until a few days into November) – but he did jump on the band wagon and shaved his beard to reveal a beautiful handle-bar moustachio! He’s one of the lucky ones- it’s easy for him to grow facial hair, eliciting some pretty envious looks from dudes in the grocery store on Sunday. […]


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