Head shots

Head Shot: Lia

Remember the cover for the Cranberries album No Need to Argue? They took a couch to various out door locations and posed on and around it for their CD liner. Well, that was the inspiration behind this head shot session. And thank goodness I sold it that way because when I mentioned “dirt lot” to Lia at first she was politely dubious. Oh? In about 10 minutes of not warm weather and wind swirling hair about, we got exactly the images  I was hoping for and Lia’s never wavering trust in me was justified! Yay! 🙂 Between the two us, we narrowed it down to 7 faves! (Lucky 7, right?)

Head Shot: Kora Vanderlip – Film Maker

Über talented and modest young film maker, Kora Vanderlip is winning awards for her insightful work, to view, click the link here: http://www.youtube.com/krv1997  Her films have screened both locally and internationally in festivals.  

Head Shot: Michael Poirier- Author, Playwright, Producer and Director

Michael Poirier has a zest for a good story. His passion is to make films, produce and direct stage plays and write novellas. You may have come across his most recently published novel, Blood Lines. Colin Scott, another writer/producer says, “Be warned, Michael Poirier’s powerful descriptive writing style may force you to put the book down at times, but you will never put it very far away.” It’s true! I breezed through that book and look forward to the sequel! I’ve also had the pleasure of working on set with him for a late night car race scene, and documenting the production of one of his plays, 50 Years of […]

Head Shot: Teresa Deak, Social Butterfly Solutions

Teresa is the owner of Social Butterfly Solutions, specializing in social media. She’s a whiz at creating and designing your online presence through social media tools such as facebook and twitter. 


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