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Maternity: Janette + Gorp, Squamish, BC

Janette and Gorp are expecting their first child, a daughter, in June. Janette has a little hunch that baby might be a little eager to arrive early and so we planned our maternity session for mid-April. Doesn’t Janette just have the cutest baby-bump? The pair of them were just radiant as we enjoyed our photo session at Shannon Falls Provincial Park in (sunny) Squamish!          

Family: Ruechel, Schick & Sutliff

This multi-family session started with two beautiful little girls VERY ready for their close-ups! Their smiles radiated as robin’s foraged for worms and other items delectable to birds in Vernon, BC’s Polson Park. A few months back, I had the privilege of photographing Leanne, Charles and Xenia. And I was further honoured when they decided to share the fun with Leanne’s sister, her family, and with their mom – actually, making the photo session a gift to commemorate a special birthday coming up! 😉 We all such a fun time, wandering the park and taking advantage of the beautiful scenery and bird sanctuary. Thankfully, some of the other park patrons […]

Mat/Fam: Tasha, Jarret, Deklin and…?

Deklin is about to be a big brother! As Tasha and Jarret expect their second child, we all enjoyed a lovely evening at Dilworth Mountain playing and taking family photos of just the 3, almost 4 of them! For Jarret, who having his photo taken is really not his favourite thing to do in the world, thank you! I’m truly honoured that you had a pretty good time considering! I’m so excited to meet your new baby very soon! 🙂      

Family: Lori & Mike + 2 Adorable Little Girls

When working with children, it’s wise to let them take the lead. They give gems away all day long, special moments worth more than gold. Lori and Mike’s twin daughters were so darling as they played and ran around Gelattly Nut Farm, picking dandy-puffs, enthralled with the trees. Their gentle and sweet touch to their parent’s faces. Magic! Thank you so much for having me photograph your beautiful family! 🙂        

Mat/Fam: Renée, Paul, Jack and…?

Renée is approx. 37 weeks pregnant! I’m so excited for her and her family! She’s one of my dearest friends, and photographing partners! We astonish ourselves constantly that as photographers, we rarely actually get our own family photos done! She’s the owner of Wedded Bliss Photography, as well as Baby Bliss Photography, and we’ve worked together on MANY weddings and engagement sessions. It’s truly rare to find a friend whom you can also work so closely with artistically. Not much longer to go and we’ll be snuggling the newest Beilby! 🙂 xoxo      

Family: Leanne, Charles and Baby Xenia

I always LOVE being invited to a family farm! There’s just something so wonderful about being out where there’s so much more space than I’m used to. I think I might be a little country deep down! Leanne and Charles had lunch ready for us when we arrived, by us I mean Todd and Elijah, too! Elijah is very close in age to Xenia so it was fun to see the two of them “making eyes” at each other and sharing their secret language. (Seriously, I have the coolest clients!) Leanne and Charles, thank you for a lovely lunch, visit, and of course, for the fabulous photo session! You made […]

Family: Lisa + Patrick + 2

This was a very special session for me because this family is like family to me… it started with a kindred spirit. I’ve been looking up to Lisa since I was 7 years old, her punky, independent style, inspired and continues to inspire me throughout my life. Like a big sister, I often look to her for advice and encouragement. She and her husband Patrick have been a huge support to me since  before I went to the Western Academy of Photography by inviting me to stay with them for the three months leading up to my enrollment, helping me by allowing my bank account to grow a bit. Their […]

Family: Darling McKenna

Children are sparkles, people gravitate to them the way crows do to anything shiny. I’ve noticed that even usually grumpy people will light up at the sight of a new baby or little child. McKenna, in her pink tutu stood out in perfect contrast against the green backdrop of grass and trees. We finished up the session with her trusted companion, Mila, who showed her love with a sweet little lick!

Family: Momma’s Boys

Meet Liz, I did, back in high school and I’m proud to call this amazing mother of two boys one of my absolute besties since that fateful day she cracked a joke during biology study group. She’s the sort of friend, when after spending a week with her road tripping (the year we turned 21, so you can imagine the shenanigans) down the Oregon Coast and into California and arriving back home in Squamish at four in the morning, after a very long drive through 2 states, you find yourself still wanting to hang out at the beach 6 hours later and on very little sleep. She’s a true kindred. […]

Family: Fiona + Bobby + 3

Christmas tree hunting we will go! It’s the most amazing Christmas Tree Farm EVER! I’m sure of it. AND it was a super fun way to document a family for an hour and a half. We arrived at the farm to find a gorgeous log cabin, a Victorian style house for fabulous photo ops and another shack to warm up in with FREE hot chocolate. Not only do they offer you a wonderful experience, complete with cute little sleds to pull the kiddies on about the property, but they also have this nifty machine to shake all the snow off your chosen tree and trim it to height for you. […]


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