Engagement: Rasna + James, Yaletown, Vancouver, BC

A grocery aisle at Safeway proved itself to be the most romantic place in the world for these two as his opening line, “Do you know how to prepare tofu?” caught her off guard. James’ sincerity caught Rasna’s attention and when he asked her name after a few minutes she was surprised to hear herself give him her real name and eventually her real phone number instead of the fake ones she would’ve normally given. “He was just so genuine!” she told me at our first meeting, “I just found that when I opened my mouth to give him my phone number I couldn’t help but give him my real one… it […]

Engagement: Michelle + Dan

Dan said to Michelle, “I don’t have to remember your last name… it’s gonna be mine one day.” And if that isn’t a marriage proposal, I don’t know what is! Their attraction to each other was immediate and they both knew early in their relationship that they were “it” for each other. On a break from working as a legal assistant, Michelle was delivering pizza and on 19 July 2007 one of her deliveries took her to Dan’s mom’s house in Kelowna where he was visiting. She remembers thinking of him as she left with a feeling that she couldn’t shake and the thought that she should’ve asked him out. As […]

Engagement: Heather + Duncan in Squamish

Sometimes, when you’re falling in love, you need a little encouragement, a “sign” so to speak. Sometimes it’s something silly, but for you, it’s all you need to allow yourself to open your heart a little bit more. For Duncan, he thought to himself, “If she likes Clancy’s (wine), then I’ll pursue this girl.” Thank goodness for silly ideas! Isn’t it just the way, to turn something silly into something brilliant and beautiful! It turns out she did like Clancy’s and their first date turned into so much more! I love engagement sessions, for the sole reason that I’m a part of a “love -bubble” for a couple of hours. […]

Engagement: Camae + Denny in Kelowna

Camae and Denny get married in a few short months! And since I’m moving back to Squamish in a few short weeks, we had to squeeze in an engagement session while the weather was…. er…. decent! The weather network had been promising rain all week, but I prayed hard the night before and was granted sunshine right in time for our 10 am start time. (And my mom tried telling me that the world doesn’t revolve around me. Who does she think she’s kidding! 😉 I kid! I kid!) Speaking of the world revolving around me… I continue to be blessed with absolutely wonderful clients. I don’t know how or […]

Engagement: Stephanie + Tyrell in Kelowna

In August, we go to Calgary for this lovely couple’s wedding and we can hardly wait! Tyrell is my cousin and I couldn’t be happier for him and Stephanie. I remember when Tyrell first brought Stephanie for a family gathering for us all to meet her and she fit in immediately, like we’d always known her. She’s one of the sweetest and kindest girls I’ve ever met, complimenting my cousin well! It was so nice for them to come visit and take advantage of my complimentary engagement session, too!

Engagement: Gin + Ryan in Kelowna

*Happy sigh* This is my sister, Gin and her loooooong time love, Ryan. They  first met and fell in love when they were in grade 11. That was 1998. Just to clarify, it’s now 2013. We’re not too sure if they’ve known each other long enough to get married but here they are, doing it anyways. ;-P They came up from Vancouver for a weekend visit, and since I’ve insisted they let me take photos for their  July wedding, I pushed my luck a little further to include an engagement session, too! They really love being out doors and had seen pics of Knox Mtn and decided they wanted the views […]

Engagement: Angelina + Kevin in Summerland

The Summerland Ornamental Gardens was a beautiful and romantic place for Angelina and Kevin’s engagement session. True Canuck fans, they incorporated some paraphernalia into the session, making it a little more fun and personal! So looking forward to the wedding in October! 🙂

Engagement: Anita + André in Vernon

Anita and André’s engagement session- another uncharacteristic rainy Summer evening proved characteristically beautiful for lighting. Set along a bit of lake, at the edge of their jetty and across the street, railroad tracks lush with wild foliage. And to cap it off, a beautiful heartfelt book called, “I Like You” by Sandol Stoddard Warburg.

Engagement: Danica + Ryan in Kelowna

 The weekend before this session, Todd and I took a walk around Knox Mtn. It was a golden Summer’s evening and thoroughly inspired me to do Danica and Ryan’s engagement session there. One of the nice things about the Okanagan is you can usually count on the weather to be consistently nice. I love how, in a few of the back-lit frames, the wind gently lifted Danica’s strands of hair… *sigh- so romantic!  


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