Hi, I’m Kate! Your experienced 2nd shooter!


Dear Professional Wedding Photographer,


Here’s the thing: I’ve been a professional photographer for 10+ years as both a lead and 2nd shooter. I’ve recently shut down my wedding photography business to focus more on family and to lead a more relaxed schedule. But I still love the energy of a wedding, working with like minded creative photographers AND don’t want to let my skills go to waste so I would like to offer them to you to enhance a wedding collection for your lovely couples! Here are a few things you may expect from me as your second shooter: 

  • I will show up on schedule and help you keep your itinerary; bridal party wrangling, organizing group photos, etc. 
  • I dress appropriately; functional and classy; I used to think this was a given but I’m putting it out there so you don’t have to worry. 
  • I use my own gear- professional Canon
  • We can negotiate on culling/and delivery of images – I’m flexible, whatever you need (2-5 days post wedding.)
  • I’m freelance, so I will invoice you on completion of job
  • Because of all my experience, I am able to anticipate what you will need – with me, you shall be worry free! 😉 – seriously? Did I just rhyme there? I’m such a dork! 
  • AND more importantly, to the point now: I will provide you with a very solid collection of images for your client that you will be stoked about! 

A few silly details about me: I nerd out with books, movies and Settlers Of Catan (I get off on trash talk when it comes to board games!). Relationships are most important to me for without them, we don’t learn who we are. I like to breath deep the forest and ocean air. My favourite sounds is my child’s laugh and my husband’s voice. (Sometimes he reminds me of Clint Eastwood.) And there’s just something about turn-of-the-century baseball that I find incredibly romantic. 



PS. I have a diploma in Professional Photography from the Western Academy of Photography in Victoria, BC, class of 2005. 

I would love to answer your questions – Call me! 604.892.4087 or email: kate@mahaits.com

headshot by Todd MacKinnon


Please contact me for more information.


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