Gin + Ryan’s Album

Hi Gin + Ryan!

Here is a 40 page album with approx 85 images plus I added a few for “back drops” to give a more personal feel. Each side that you see is 2 square pages. You can order in 12×12, 10×10 or 8×8 inches. If you like this for a design, I will call up Pictage to see about printing and prices. The nice thing about this design, is that we have options as far as printers go. I should be able to get this printed just about anywhere! :-) If you see anything you want to change, just let me know. Easy peasy! Let me know when a good time to skype to make whatever arrangements for printing or changes you need! Love!

ps… I’m so sorry, the right side of the pages are cut off on the blog only, BUT if you click on each page you it’ll pop up in it’s entirety.



6 Responses to “Gin + Ryan’s Album”

  1. Gin O'Driscoll says:

    Eeeee! I LOVE this❤️ thank you Kate! You’ put it together so perfectly

  2. Mary Hynes says:

    What a beautiful album!

  3. the grand momma says:

    makes me weepy all over again.


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