Angelina + Kevin’s Album

Hi Angelina + Kevin!

Here is a 40 page album with approx 100+ images plus I added a few for “back drops” to give a more personal feel. Each side that you see is 2 square pages. You can order in 12×12, 10×10 or 8×8 inches. I wanted to make you a special thank you gift for having me as your photographer. I know how busy you both are, and I could see you not being able to take the time to do this for quite awhile! You can take this design pretty much anywhere and have it printed. I’ll send you a private email with more info! If you see anything you want to change, let me know!


ps… I’m so sorry, the right side of the pages are cut off on the blog only, BUT if you click on each page you it’ll pop up in it’s entirety.

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