Family: Ruechel, Schick & Sutliff

This multi-family session started with two beautiful little girls VERY ready for their close-ups! Their smiles radiated as robin’s foraged for worms and other items delectable to birds in Vernon, BC’s Polson Park.

A few months back, I had the privilege of photographing Leanne, Charles and Xenia. And I was further honoured when they decided to share the fun with Leanne’s sister, her family, and with their mom – actually, making the photo session a gift to commemorate a special birthday coming up! 😉 We all such a fun time, wandering the park and taking advantage of the beautiful scenery and bird sanctuary. Thankfully, some of the other park patrons had brought bird seed and the ducks all clustered near the pond,  so that they were entirely absorbed,delicately enjoying every seed as we used them to frame the family for one of the photos.

Thank you everyone for a great afternoon, despite the threat of a thunderstorm that never came! 🙂

0001 Ruechel, Schick, Sutliff 0003 Ruechel, Schick, Sutliff 0005 Ruechel, Schick, Sutliff Ruechel, Schick, Sutliff Ruechel, Schick, Sutliff Ruechel, Schick, Sutliff 0010 Ruechel, Schick, Sutliff

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