Newborn: Our new lil dude, Elijah!

This is my boy! Well, not mine alone, mine and Todd’s. His name is Elijah and was born 3 November 2012. These pictures were taken between 14 and 16 days old. We’re completely in love with him; we love his cute little nose, ears and feetsie-poos! We love his “stink-eye” and the way his lips curl into a pout when he’s fussing. We love watching him discover new sights and we love to smell his breath. How could we possibly have imagined all of this blessing before we had him? We had no idea how amazing he would be until he was placed in our arms. Biggest happy ever!


11 Responses to “Newborn: Our new lil dude, Elijah!”

  1. the grand momma says:

    I can think of no words to describe this immense sense of awe, joy, pride and love that swells inside when I see these photos. When I think of him. Of the 3 of you. Holding Elijah. Smelling him. Watching you all together as a family.

    Thank you for this beautiful baby I get to call Grandson.

  2. Grampa says:

    I am soaring. a few tears. Great expectations, calm and unconditional. Thanks for the fabulous pictures Kate. Love to you all.

  3. Great Auntie Alix says:

    Thanks so much for sending me the pictures. Congratulations on a wonderful baby. It is wonderful to know that you realize what a wonderful gift he truly is. Hoping that we all will be seeing you all at the beach.

  4. Sue Vignola says:

    Kate and Todd: No-one can ever explain the overwhelming and immense love parents feel for their children. Those early weeks are so intensely physical, the smells, the textures of your newborn’s skin, his sweet breath, his lovely sounds, it just touches something so deeply primal inside that words cannot describe. I love how you both are embracing this new love in your lives, and Kate, how wonderful for you to capture Elijah’s essence both as a new mum and a professional photographer. i can’t wait to meet him. Much love to you all. – Sue xxx

  5. Auntie Gini says:

    I’m happy pouting for you three right now 🙂 Amazing pictures Kate. What an experience to be sharing with each other and with your families too. Elijah is just the most amazing lil dude, such a good little boy you two have created. I know he will grow up knowing how much he’s loved and it’s nice to have the evidence of photos for him to look back on. You all lucked out on having each other. Life is good. I love you guys<3
    I love you little Elijah,
    Auntie Gini

  6. suzanne says:

    Just beautiful Kate! Congratulations to you and yours!!!

  7. Kelly Smith says:

    Congrats again Kate. I am so very happy for you both! Elijah is so precious and beautiful. He is a very lucky boy to have you two as parents.

  8. Kristine Weese says:

    Amazing photos, Kate! Such a sweet, beautiful baby! Very lucky for you and Todd that you are so very talented with the camera! Thanks for the visit last week – it was so nice to see you and Elijah! I’ll call again soon for a refresher, before Xmas I hope! Love, Kristine

  9. Mary Hynes says:

    What a beautiful bundle of joy! You and Todd are going to have so much fun raising him. Kate, you’re amazing with that camera!

  10. (cousin) Suzanne Donaldson says:

    Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! I am so happy to see you have posted these pics. I was hoping you were going to. Can’t wait to meet him in person. Enjoy every second!

  11. Maija Gauss....friend says:

    You created a “master-piece”… immensely fortunate for Elijah to be born to such loving hands!!!

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