Family: Lisa + Patrick + 2

This was a very special session for me because this family is like family to me… it started with a kindred spirit. I’ve been looking up to Lisa since I was 7 years old, her punky, independent style, inspired and continues to inspire me throughout my life. Like a big sister, I often look to her for advice and encouragement. She and her husband Patrick have been a huge support to me since  before I went to the Western Academy of Photography by inviting me to stay with them for the three months leading up to my enrollment, helping me by allowing my bank account to grow a bit. Their kids, I consider to be my niece and nephew. I grew up calling Lisa, “Tanta Lisa” (German for “aunt”) and Brookner and Quinn call me, Auntie Katy. It’s a beautiful relationship and I’m forever thankful for it!

And PS… their cat, Midnight, is an unbelievable poser! 😀



2 Responses to “Family: Lisa + Patrick + 2”

  1. Gin says:

    Oh my goodness! They’re getting so BIG! You did such a great job in capturing their playfulness. Well done, you:)

  2. Alisha says:

    That’s quite possibly the BEST cat picture I’ve ever seen. I love it. Little snuggle butt! xo

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