Head Shot: Michael Poirier- Author, Playwright, Producer and Director

Michael Poirier has a zest for a good story. His passion is to make films, produce and direct stage plays and write novellas. You may have come across his most recently published novel, Blood Lines. Colin Scott, another writer/producer says, “Be warned, Michael Poirier’s powerful descriptive writing style may force you to put the book down at times, but you will never put it very far away.” It’s true! I breezed through that book and look forward to the sequel! I’ve also had the pleasure of working on set with him for a late night car race scene, and documenting the production of one of his plays, 50 Years of Royalty. He is always keeping busy with one or two new projects after another!

Thank you, Mike, for trusting me with your head shot.

And ps… Thank you Fiona Forshaw for granting me access to her ultra sweet studio, and to her kitty for sharing some love! (last photo)


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  1. Michael Poirier says:


    I recently had my head shot taken by Kate at Kate Mahaits Photography and I have to say, it was an extremely effortless and comfortable experience. I, like many people, aren’t that keen on having their picture taken or if they are, can be very critical of it. Kate takes great pride in setting up the shot for success, including asking for your input. Your collaboration, allows for a more relaxed atmosphere…and the picture you want. I would gladly rate Kate’s knowledge and results at a huge TEN out of ten.

    Michael Poirier

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