Making a Connection

Making that first impression with your head shot is as important as they say. All in one photo, you have to convey to the viewer who you are. No pressure or anything! With so many other people sharing your line of work, how are you going to make yourself stand out? Let’s have fun with this Head Shot Special!  We’ll be using natural light that’s flattering to all. Let’s take a little step outside the box of the black and white corporate world to show people a little of your personality through the medium of fashion and accessories; choose your favourite coloured shirt or blouse, solid bright colours look fabulous in front of my back drops! After all, don’t you want to attract people who will work with you because of you?

Acknowledgement goes out to Todd MacKinnon for modeling a few different “looks”.


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  1. Lil' Chrissy says:

    No “Blue Steel”?! LOL!!!

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