Baby Fever!

Oh my goodness! I think I have baby fever and I think I may have it bad! I want to photograph babies like you wouldn’t believe- that’s why I’m offering this very special “Special”… They are so completely precious, new and fresh with their cute lil noses, fingers and feetsie-poos!

Newborns require great care and attention to maintain their safety while creating these images, I’ve been studying with some fabulous newborn photographers to learn the proper techniques. I can hardly wait to show you what I’ve learned!


One Response to “Baby Fever!”

  1. Kathleen Bird says:

    hey i would love to take part in your offer … I’m not sure of the dates that we will be in town for, or when and where we will be moving but I would really like you to take the photos of our baby after he/she arrives. 🙂

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