Family: Fiona + Bobby + 3

Christmas tree hunting we will go! It’s the most amazing Christmas Tree Farm EVER! I’m sure of it. AND it was a super fun way to document a family for an hour and a half. We arrived at the farm to find a gorgeous log cabin, a Victorian style house for fabulous photo ops and another shack to warm up in with FREE hot chocolate. Not only do they offer you a wonderful experience, complete with cute little sleds to pull the kiddies on about the property, but they also have this nifty machine to shake all the snow off your chosen tree and trim it to height for you.

At Christmas time, I feel that it’s these little things, the actions that we put into Christmas is what makes it… Christmas. As usual, it’s the memories that live on. One day, when the kids are grown and they’re sharing the holidays with their parents or with their own growing families, they’ll reminisce about the tree farm, ultimately sharing smiles as they decorate the tree.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


3 Responses to “Family: Fiona + Bobby + 3”

  1. Cindy says:

    Awesome photos Kate!!

  2. Bruce Collis says:

    Hi Kate, thanks for letting me know about the pictures. I forwarded them to my parents. Bruce

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