Secret Family Recipe: Lemon Meringue Pie

My crust is nothing to brag about, but at least I made one. Mom advised me to follow the recipe on the Tenderflake box, that’s not the secret part of the secret family recipe. It’s in the filling, I’ve left hints in the photos but I’m not gonna outright spill the beans. I don’t know why ALL lemon meringue pies don’t taste like this one- it’s the BEST! Again, not bragging, just stating my over-opinionated opinion which, as far as I’m concerned, in this case, is a fact. My mom made this pie for almost all of our special occasions, especially Thanksgiving. Once she even made it for my “un-birthday” breakfast. (An “un-birthday” in case you don’t know, is from the tea party scene in Alice In Wonderland.)

I think the recipe goes back only as far as my mom’s mom, Grandma Betty. It would go with a Roast Beast dinner complete with mashed potatoes, ginger carrots and yorkshire pudding. It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling to continue the tradition. Perhaps you’ll share your family traditions and comment below? That’d be very nice.

As I get deeper into my thirties, I’m learning to appreciate my mom and all she did for me. Of course I’ve always been thankful for her, but what I mean is, I think the degree of appreciation is changing. So, here’s to you, momma… thank you for all the little things you did for me- turns out it was a big deal.


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  1. Rob Greene says:

    The knife used to cut the lemon, when cutting citrus or highly acidic food with a quality knife (as in the picture) make sure the knife is washed as soon as possible, the high levels of acid will damage the knife, Rob

  2. Lil' Chrissy says:

    You are the sweetest thing Kate. I too am growing to appreciate all the thing (more so) my parents did for me, having a lil’ one myself. And realizing how wonderful it must have been for them as well. Kids are just so… happy; when they’re happy. It’s like their emotions, whichever one it is, is full boar when it’s happening, none of this sitting on the fence business. It makes life so much more beautiful, and special.

    I’m sure that that unbirthday pie was just as special for her, seeing that glow in your eyes, and in your heart. <3

  3. Cousin Lisa says:

    Kate! I have wanted Maw’s recipe for years, and you have it! Maw made the best Lemon Meringue pie in the world! I have not tasted one as good as hers! Thank you for passing this along.

  4. Cat Jamieson says:

    Just now got around to reading your blog thanks to the Gin girl and … I’m blushing and tearful … and honored. Thank you, my biggest (oldest?) little girl. Stunning photos! Maw would be so proud of you. Love, the momma.

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