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My favourite things in this world are the people I love. I love looking at the memories we’ve shared displayed prominently on their walls. Random moments caught, such as my sister at 6 years old with her hair crimped, mischievous eyes directed at the camera. Stretching a plastic clothes hanger as if it were a bow with an imaginary arrow. She won’t know this until she reads this post, but when I think of us as kids, that picture that is on our dad’s wall, is one of the top 10 that pops to mind. I would never have been able to keep that image in my memory if it wasn’t displayed for me to see every time I visit. The beautiful thing about that image, that dad took, is that it completely encapsulates the sparkle that is my sister.

These are the sort of moments that is my goal to capture- because, it’s the little things, you know?

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