Portrait (couple): Winners of my Tag-line Contest: Veronica + Joel

I needed a good tag-line for the re-branding of my business. This Spring, I held a little contest on facebook where MANY of my friends offered up fantastic ideas and insight into how they perceived my work. I loved it all and I am very grateful for everyone’s input. The winning tag-line, as you know by now, is “it’s the little things” by Joel, wonderful boyfriend to my sister, Gin’s childhood bff, Veronica (or Vern or Ronnie depending on when you first met her). And I really do think he’s wonderful because a) he has “moon eyes” every time he even thinks about Ronnie, (I met her when she was 7) and b) he took a good, hard look at my website, and with his background in marketing had more than just a good tag-line to offer me.

I thought for awhile on all of the tag-lines offered up by everyone, but in the end, “it’s the little things” resonated with me; if a photograph can speak a thousand words, as they say, then it really is the little things- a thousand little things…

So off to Nelson, Todd and I went for a much anticipated weekend in the Kootenays to give the winners their prize: a 2 hour photo session which they used to say good-bye to their home of the past few years. (They moved back to Squamish just this month.) They felt like celebrities as Todd and I (paparazzi-style) followed them around to some of their favourite spots and in one instance they were even treated like celebrities! As they were making their purchase of garlic at the market, the vendor got quite flustered  while attempting to count out change asked them, “What’s going on here? Are you famous or something?” which promoted great smiles and laughter! So awesome!

Thank you Vern and Joel for an amazing tag-line and an even more amazing adventure to and through Nelson! See you back in Squamish! xoxo love Kate and Todd


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  1. Renee says:

    Love how this session shows off “it’s the little things”….having a coffee together, going to the farmers market. What a cute couple 🙂

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