Portrait: “Lucy Luxe”

This project started off with a vintage 1950’s wedding dress I’d picked up about two years ago, just for kicks. It was never going to fit me, it was designed for someone much taller than my 5’3 frame. After my first session with Lucy, who is 6′, I began to think she’d be perfect for what I had in mind. Now what I had in mind had more to do with how I wanted to use light so I left the costume part entirely up to Lucy as she’s incredibly talented and creative with fashion. She designed this piece from 3 vintage dresses, actually. Then we created a story… “Like the ugly duckling, she transformed herself into a beautiful swan, but unlike the swan, she was never comfortable with her new society. If she could, she would spread her wings and float along the breeze.”


2 Responses to “Portrait: “Lucy Luxe””

  1. planck says:

    Great photo session! Great model.

  2. Dean says:

    Norma Jean is that you?

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