Portrait: (baby & family) – Kensey, a premie

The Tiny Light Foundation is a non-profit organization that I recently signed up with to volunteer my services. They provide families who have undergone some incredible challenges, with a portrait session. I highly recommend ‘clicking’ the link for more info. 🙂

This little ‘tiny light’ is Kensey. She was born at 26 weeks into pregnancy and when she was 2 weeks old had to undergo minor heart surgery. She later suffered a collapsed lung from a ruptured IV line in her upper arm that leaked TPN fluid into her chest cavity. THEN she was on a ventilator for over two months. At the time of these photos she was 10 months old or 6 months ‘corrected’, and healthy! I like to call this session, “Babe out of the Woods.” This family was an absolute delight to photograph! Thank you for being my first assignment.


3 Responses to “Portrait: (baby & family) – Kensey, a premie”

  1. Colette Mayne says:

    I am so thankful that we were connected with you as our photographer, you are amazing at capturing the moment and we really enjoyed our session with you. We look forward to future family pictures with you. Thanks again for the beautiful pictures.

  2. Kate Mahaits says:

    Thank you, and it was my pleasure! 😀

  3. Cindy says:

    Fabulous photos Kate!!

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