Portrait (couple): Kerry + Carl

Kerry and Carl invited me to the family farm for this Couples Session, a nice treat and something fun for them to do. Of course we included their keen dog as part of the family, offering up kisses resulting in giggles. Throughout our session, Todd and I chatted them up and learned some very interesting things… one of them being that Kerry is Canada’s top financial blogger! I’ve since become an enamoured reader of Squawkfox, appreciating her brilliant money saving tips for frugal living; from making your very own frappuccino to packing your carry-on suitcase for a two-week trip to Europe, (which not only saves you money but also the potential loss of your luggage). Not that I have any European destinations on my horizon but I’m now prepared just in case and I can make a frappuccino for just 32 cents! Thank you, Kerry and Carl for inviting me to take your portrait and for sharing your awesome selves! (And thank you to Teresa who referred me to Kazia, who in turn referred me to these fine folks.)


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  1. Cindy says:

    Awesome photos Kate! I follow Kerry’s blog too, not only is she beautiful but super smart too, especially since she chose you;-)

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