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Wedding: Jenna + Riley in Calgary

One of the things I love about attending a wedding reception is the stories told about the bride and groom. Anything that you wanted to keep on the down-low is now fair game. It all comes out – all those good, embarrassing moments have been waiting for an audience who cares so much, that they […]


Engagement: Heather + Duncan in Squamish

Sometimes, when you’re falling in love, you need a little encouragement, a “sign” so to speak. Sometimes it’s something silly, but for you, it’s all you need to allow yourself to open your heart a little bit more. For Duncan, he thought to himself, “If she likes Clancy’s (wine), then I’ll pursue this girl.” Thank […]


What We Do For You!

  What We Do We take care of you first. We listen to you, we hear your plans and we join in the fun! We answer your questions, offer advice if you ask for it and respect your wishes. Our experience in over 100 weddings is there at your disposal and we’re happy to help […]

Kate, Todd and Elijah

Hi, I’m Kate

kate mahaits photography¬†was born out of a love for portraiture and covering weddings in particular because I’m a romantic. I just can’t get enough of the way two committed people in love look at each other and combining of families. The “father-giving-the-bride-away” is my favourite moment at a wedding. (I’m a total cheese-dog! I readily […]